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Whether you’re moving into a brand-new apartment, setting up your first home, or just sprucing up the one you have, browsing house decorations is one of the most fun parts of the process. You hone in on a design style (modern farmhouse? Scandi minimalist? boho chic?), scour Pinterest for inspiration, peruse all the home decor stores, and go to bed each night dreaming of your perfect digs. 

But deciding what to actually buy? That’s where it gets tricky. There’s a lot to wade through, and the last thing you want is to invest in the same home decoration items as everyone else — if everything is all from big-box brands, our houses start to look weirdly homogenous. Have you ever walked into a friend's apartment and pretty much knew exactly where on the showroom floor all of their lamps came from? We want our spaces to feel unique, and our homes to be filled with cool, original pieces, so finding house decorations that make that happen is pretty critical. 

When it comes to unique products, one of the brands we're thrilled about showcasing is Spacey Studios. This brand creates just 25 editions of each of its well-curated prints, so you’ll also feel like a true art collector when you buy home decor accessories online with them, since the chance of your friend having the same piece is practically impossible.

The same thing goes for Rose & Fitzgerald. This brand is based in Kampala, Uganda, and works with Ugandan artisans to create well-crafted house decoration items. Their pieces are geometric, clean-lined, and showcase a modern aesthetic.

To help with the decision-making process, we rounded up our favorite house decorations. No matter your aesthetic, these special, one-of-a-kind items will make your space truly feel like home. When buying home decor accessories online, it's a good idea to make sure that the house decorations you're choosing come from a space you can actually trust, so when you pick up new house decoration items, you know they're actually going to be of quality.