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There’s no easier way to tie together the look of your bedroom than with the perfect bedding. As the centerpiece of your room, your bed is where your day starts and ends, meaning it’s a pretty big part of your life. The right bedding can add instant style to your space while creating a warm and inviting feel — aka, that perfect ambiance you’ve been looking for. With that in mind, we’ve curated an ultra-cozy bedding collection you won’t want to snooze on (but will most definitely want to sleep in). Freshen up your bedroom with our thoughtfully selected bedspreads, bed sheets, pillow covers, duvet covers and more. 

A perfect night of z’s calls for next-level-comfy bedding. While most would agree the best sleep is found on vacation, we’ve got bedding products that’ll make you feel like you’re halfway there. Remember that heavenly hotel bed you slept in and swore you’d never leave (until they promptly made you check out)? We’ve been there, and guess what? With our high-quality bedding you can replicate that experience every night in your own home. We’ve stocked up on the best organic cotton duvets, heavenly soft linen bed sheets and bedspreads so you can look forward to climbing in after a long day. 

Stay cozy in style with organic cotton sheets and lightweight duvets that keep you cool as the weather heats up. When the summer dog days hit, opt for our lightweight linen sheet sets and duvet covers. For those who run cold, our assortment of warm, fuzzy throw blankets add an easy layer that lets you double up on warmth and style.

Rest easy in a bed that’s as stylish as it is comfortable. If your bedroom reflects your personality, then your bed should be decked out accordingly. Going for a minimal look? Light neutrals and crisp white sheets are your best go-to. Layer on the linens for a clean and easy feel. For added texture (and peak coziness), pile on a few fluffy alpaca throw pillows to achieve a more dimensional look that’s still minimal.  

Need more color in your life? Accent your whites with a bold linen quilt that’s comfy and warm, yet lightweight enough to use year round. Mix and match with our patterned throw pillows for an eclectic, timeless look. 

No matter your style, Verishop’s carefully selected bedding collection can help you complete your ultimate sanctuary of rest and relaxation. From soft-as-clouds bedspreads to essential sheets, we’ve got your night covered.