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Home Decor

Home Decor

Here's the truth: home decor items are key to making a space jump from "liveable but kind of dorm room-feeling" into "genuinely put-together." Without unique home decor, a space often feels cold, bland and kind of paint-by-numbers. But don't let the word "decor" scare you — this doesn't mean you need a ton of frou-frou lace and small china figurines, like your Great-Aunt Matilda — or a bunch of ironic cross-stitches like cool-but-cluttered Cousin Courtney.

Because of associations like these, sometimes home decor items can feel just not…us. However, we promise you, there are laid-back, low-key ways to approach finding the perfect pieces. 

For instance, one good rule of decorating is this: Tidy people don't leave stuff all over the floor. Instead, we have places to put things — even awkwardly shaped items. But do you actually own objects in your home that seem like they're kind of impossible to store, and so they end up going on the floor? We all do, and answer to this problem is to come up with storage solutions that look great and add, not detract, from our unique home decor. That's one of the reasons we're proud to offer pieces from

Modern home decor often steers towards the minimalist, which means you can select just a few clean-lined items to give your home a little brightness and elegance. Finding home decor online can be like wading through a lot of trash to find a treasure, so at Verishop, we've put together a curated selection of great options.