Throw Pillows and Decorative Cushions


Throw pillows can add next-level comfort and style to your home with minimal effort (hence why you throw them). Whether they’re layered on your bed for a pop of color or accenting your living room couch, decorative pillows can be used throughout the home to create an inviting space. Regardless of your style, you’ll find a trove of timeless pieces to elevate your home in our curated collection of luxury throw pillows and decorative pillow covers. 

Whether you love a bright color or tend to stick to neutral shades, throw pillows are a simple way to incorporate your personality into any room, and our decorative pillows come in various patterns and hues to give you limitless styling options. Infuse some warmth into your minimalist aesthetic with elegant handwoven pieces that offer a subtle, simple design, like Sien + Co’s naturally-dyed, sustainably-made wool pillow cover. If you favor bold prints, edgy statement pieces, like a leopard print accent pillow, can transform your living room into an exotic hideaway. And vibrant hues, like marigold or Graymarket Design's Tangier Indigo, add a touch of sophistication to any space, while still feeling easy.

Give your home a dynamic look by mixing and matching cozy textures with decorative throw pillows. For a luxe feel, look no further than velvet or silk. Soft and sumptuous, these accent pillows make for a refined look without sacrificing any of the comfort. Linen and cotton keep things simple, yet cool — even when the AC kicks. Minimalists seeking to integrate different tones can relax with our selection of sleek leather accent pillows. Their earthy hues and buttery soft feel have a classic look that pulls together any room. On colder days, turn your bed into a cozy, chic haven with warm fur and plush alpaca decorative bed pillows.

Let’s be honest — no home feels quite complete without at least a few (if not multiple) throw pillows. Whether you’re styling your living room, bedroom, office space or kitchen, decorative cushions are a simple way to transform any living space into a home. In various shapes, sizes, textures and colors, they give you the ability to style with just a literal flick of the wrist — and it doesn’t get any easier than that. We’ve teamed up with a number of high-quality, sustainable brands around the globe to bring you a selection of throw pillows so comfortable and stylish, your couch won’t know what hit it. Get ready to get cozy.