Incense Sticks and Home Fragrances


Thousands of years ago, many different religious groups and ancient civilizations burned incense sticks as an important ritualistic practice. Today, we continue the tradition of burning scent sticks as a way of purifying a space, relaxing and more. From the rich fragrance of patchouli to frankincense to cinnamon, incense sticks are the perfect way to make your home feel homier. At Verishop, our expert buyers have found the ideal balance between scent sticks and fragrance candles to help you match each space with your intention. 

Whether you need a bright and invigorating scent for early mornings that require a little more than coffee or a calming blend of aromas to help you unwind, our assortment of home fragrances are thoughtfully curated for all your needs. And, sometimes, a fancy candle can instantly make your space feel like it’s yours. Not only do fragrance candles enrich your aural experience, they also serve as the perfect home decor.

Verishop offers a wide range of home decor candles and incense sticks from international independent brands specially designed to beautify your bookshelves, set the mood for an intimate evening, and add a sense of spiritualism to your daily life. The team at Verishop wants you to spend just as much time developing the feel of your home as you would shopping for clothing, finding fragrance sticks that match your lifestyle and fancy candles with beautifully designed packaging to amp up your live-in style. 

If you’re not the incense or candle type, we’ve got your back. Our expertly curated selection of scent sticks and home decor candles can be your go-to choice for gift-giving. Everyone loves a beautiful, fancy candle like those from SoH Melbourne or Cire Trudon, or show-stopping incense holders like the ones made by Cinnamon Projects. Be it for yourself or your loved one, take a minute to discover the next best thing for home decor.