Hair & Scalp Elixir
Hair & Scalp Elixir
Hair & Scalp ElixirHair & Scalp Elixir
Hair & Scalp ElixirHair & Scalp Elixir

Source Vital Apothecary

Hair & Scalp Elixir


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Great looking hair starts with a healthy scalp. Source Vital Apothecary's scalps are basically an extension of Source Vital Apothecary's facial skin (but a bit thicker). Pores and hair follicles can get clogged, oil can build up or we can experience dryness. Source Vital Apothecary have combined some of the world's best botanical oils and essential oils to specifically address the problems that can keep Source Vital Apothecary's hair looking more drab than fab. With repeated use, your scalp will feel more balanced, hair will look healthy and feel revived.

- Consistent use promotes healthier scalp and hair
- Special blend of oils prevents the appearance and discomfort of dandruff
- Hair looks shiny and plumped
- Supports strong hair follicles, which is needed for thicker, longer hair
- Discourages dry, brittle hair and breakage
- Use to tame flyaways and instantly moisturize dry tips
- A great oil to use for a relaxing scalp massage
- Add a few drops to your shampoo and conditioner for a vitamin boost
- Rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and omega fatty acids

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