Ghost Democracy makes clean skincare that’s effective AND affordable

We’re super excited to introduce you to the exclusive-to-Verishop, clean skincare line: Ghost Democracy. The brand makes affordable, effective clean beauty products that bring high-performance skin care to those of us who can’t afford an $80 serum (so…everyone). Ghost Democracy is doing clean skin care differently than any other millennial-pink, untouchably perfect brand we’ve seen on the market. Here’s how: 

1. Ghost Democracy makes clean skin care actually accessible.

Moisturizers, oils and serums that bill themselves as “clean” are often in the $80-$120 range, which is prohibitively expensive to most people — and frankly, a bit ridiculous.

“There’s a huge gap between people who want to use clean skincare products and those who can actually afford to buy them,” says founder Rex Chou.

Chou worked in “big beauty” for over 12 years and wanted to create his own brand, one that focuses on people, not profits. “That gap doesn’t actually need to exist,” Chou says. “Our ethos is that clean skin care should be accessible to everyone, not just the elite. I’ve managed to do this by choosing to cut out retailers and go direct to consumer, and I also don’t believe in flying influencers to Morocco to take a selfie with my products, because that’s absurd.”

This is why Ghost Democracy’s range of six key skincare products is priced from $24 to $38 — totally within reach.

2. Ghost Democracy’s clean is cleaner than their clean. 

There are a ton of brands out there right now that are being marketed as “paraben free,” and we think that’s awesome. We’re glad that people are being made more aware of the potential health risks of many skincare ingredients and that more brands are offering products made without icky stuff.

But the truth is, we’re concerned about the long-term health implications of more than just a handful of ingredients. Ghost Democracy formulates its products without 40 commonly used ingredients because it believes in exceptionally clean skin care you can trust. 

3. These products aren’t just clean, they’re also really, really effective.

Many clean skincare brands have gotten rid of questionable ingredients, but that doesn’t mean they actually work. Skincare ingredients need to be better than just “not bad” for us. They need to do something genuinely useful for our skin. Otherwise, what’s the point? 

“A friend of mine recently bought a $300 serum that called itself a ‘hyaluronic acid serum,’ but when I looked at the ingredient list, the active ingredient — sodium hyaluronate — was the last ingredient on the list,” Chou says. “That means there was less than 1% in the product. People deserve better! They deserve transparency so they don’t have to guess if they’re getting an effective product.”

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