Underbed Storage - Set of 2
Underbed Storage - Set of 2Underbed Storage - Set of 2

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Underbed Storage - Set of 2

Underbed Storage - Set of 2
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New and improved, lightweight and easier to handle, our soft-body redesign provides breathable protection for seasonal storage and beyond.

Made with natural canvas and a soft lid that fills like a suitcase, Underbed Storage is perfect for keeping all your linens, sheets, cold-weather outerwear, cable knit sweaters, and your beloved cashmere cardigan—cozy and safe!

-Set of 2 Underbed Storage
-Features a neutral, cream canvas exterior and a light grey nylon interior for a warm, cozy aesthetic designed to complement any bedroom.
-Handle is made with sustainably-sourced genuine leather
-Features a Cream YKK Zipper to match the canvas exterior
-Soft, canvas construction designed to help clothing and linen breathe.
-Fun Fact: The soft lid allows you to unzip and open your case halfway to easily retrieve items from the bin. When you're done, our high-quality zipper also ensures a tight seal for your seasonal storage.
-Dimensions: 17.9" L x 28.0" W x 7.9" H
-Product Weight: 2.51lbs
-Organizational Tip: Three bins typically fit under a Full/Queen/King bed and are easy to access, so retrieving sheets and linens when guests stay over is a breeze.

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