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Gracie & Co. 1942

Welcome to Gracie And Co., your ultimate destination for exquisite bath products! At Gracie And Co., we are committed to crafting stunning bath essentials that not only enhance your skin's appearance and well-being but are also crafted with the finest natural and organic ingredients. Our products not only boast aesthetically pleasing designs but also provide incredible benefits for your body while minimizing the impact on our environment. Since our establishment in 1942, Gracie And Co. a third generation soap maker, has undergone a remarkable journey from its modest origins in a humble home to a global supplier. Our unwavering dedication to continuous improvement and relentless pursuit of excellence has transformed our hard work into a thriving enterprise. We take immense pride in serving our customers from across the globe and sincerely hope that our products bring you as much joy as we experience in creating them for you. "Enhancing your Mind, Body, and Soap."

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