Rose Quartz Facial Roller, Gua Sha Board + Brush Set
Rose Quartz Facial Roller, Gua Sha Board + Brush Set
Rose Quartz Facial Roller, Gua Sha Board + Brush Set
Rose Quartz Facial Roller, Gua Sha Board + Brush SetRose Quartz Facial Roller, Gua Sha Board + Brush Set
Rose Quartz Facial Roller, Gua Sha Board + Brush SetRose Quartz Facial Roller, Gua Sha Board + Brush Set
Rose Quartz Facial Roller, Gua Sha Board + Brush SetRose Quartz Facial Roller, Gua Sha Board + Brush Set


Rose Quartz Facial Roller, Gua Sha Board + Brush Set

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Rose Quartz is a healing stone tied to the pink hue of the heart chakra, where emotional experiences are logged and kept. The heart chakra is located near the center of the chest and balances our ability to give and receive love. This harmonious characteristic is what gave the stone its earliest known use in jewelry and talismans. Ancient Greek and Roman civilizations wore this beaded jewelry as a symbol of an agreement or deal. Egyptians later discovered the healing properties of the quartz, and Greeks and Romans soon tied the stone to love. Ancient lore tells of the Greek God Eros, or Roman God Cupid, gifting humanity with love in the form of rose quartz. Utilizing this gift from above is said to resolve disagreements and harmonize relationships. As it was used throughout history, it has also proved to hold ancient ties in feminine energy in the form of an unconditional love given by the traditional mother figure. This stone is said to open the heart chakra which allows your mind to be open to forgiveness and a deeper connection to your partner or replace the love of a mother or lover that was needed but not fulfilled. It is said that the stone can wash out toxic energies that are trapped within you, convincing you of your lack of deservingness of forgiveness. Utilize this stone to strengthen your own inner seeds of compassion, nourishment, and comfort. Dissolve emotional wounds with Divine love, re-awaken the sleeping beauty of the heart. Allow the gift of giving and receiving love in your center. Rose quarts has also been used for beauty in early civilizations such as Egypt and Rome. Found as face masks in Egyptian tombs, used for the beautification of high ranking females within Roman society, and revered by Tibetan & Oriental cultures, Rose Quartz is said to clear and soften your complexion while also preventing wrinkles. Having the influence of feminine energy, it can also awaken the components of beauty within the face. Lightly rubbing the roller against the face, use the healing energy to diminish not only wrinkles but burns, blisters, or scars. Feel the stress release from your face as you move across the different areas. Use around the eyes to bring out your ability to see the beauty in others or see past your current ailments. Use around the forehead and repeat a gentle mantra of self-love. Absorb feelings of worthiness and wholeness and stimulate loving thoughts. Use around the nose as you focus on your breath, inhaling love and compassion while exhaling negativity and grudges. Use on your cheeks as you image the soft glow of the stone lighting up your face with a loving pink hue. Use around the mouth to stimulate kind words and conversation. Use gently on the throat to release fluids from the lymphatic system, impurities from the cells, sooth coughing, and stabilize feelings of vertigo. Use during your bedtime routine to stimulate peaceful and nurturing dreams. Let the soothing energy of this stone sooth internal wounds as you clear the external blemishes to reveal your natural and effortless beauty. Use: Gently glide the roller over face and neck from center outward. Without rolling backward, lift off the skin and repeat action. Rose quartz: rejuvenates skin on a cellular level from the gentle potent aura it exerts, helps release stress, anxiety, and balances all matters of the heart. Its anti-inflammatory properties can help calm redness from acne or other minor skin issues. Gua Sha is a treatment technique that involves pulling a rose quartz stone along the skin, stimulating the skin layers to reduce puffiness, promote anti-aging, flush out tissues via lymphatic drainage, and much more. Featuring an ergonomic design that adapts to the contours of the face, Gua Sha Rose Quartz Facial Massage Tool is an excellent addition to any routine to help make facial features appear more youthful and well rested. Rollers are designed for a rolling motion without applied pressure. Use with caution and keep away from children because of movable parts. Due to natural variations in the color of the crystal, each facial roller will be unique in color and stone marbling.​

- Natural crystal stone
- Improves blood circulation and skin tone
- Promotes lymphatic drainage and collagen production
- Reduces puffiness, wrinkles, and dark under-eye circles
- Eliminates toxins
- Can be refrigerated to extend the coolness

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