L'Essence de L'Essence 1958
L'Essence de L'Essence 1958L'Essence de L'Essence 1958

YVRA 1958

L'Essence de L'Essence 1958

L'Essence de L'Essence 1958

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From the dawn of early reminiscence, Yvo van Regteren Altena has reveled in the world of scent. Traveling the globe as a lifestyle journalist, he met perfume virtuosi, the world’s great ‘noses’, and was privileged to unlock the secrets behind spellbinding scents. His knowledge and passion was bottled in 2015, his dream creation: YVRA 1958. This original masterwork combines intriguing ingredients: fleur d’oranger, cedar wood, pepper oil and patchouli. The result is a scent as elegant as it is transparent with a touch more pizzazz than the great classics. YVRA 1958’s woodsy-citrus tones offer the perfect start to a hectic day. Redolent with citrus notes, Van Regteren Altena’s debut cologne hints at new mornings and the refreshing moment after a long distance flight. YVRA 1958 is reminiscent of the classic, transparent Eau de Colognes, that dominated the sixties and seventies of the last century. But YVRA 1958 is more aromatic, vibrant and longer-lasting than a classic citrus fragrance. YVRA 1958 is a scent with a real lust for life

- Top note: Lemon Oil, Bergamot, Fleur D'oranger
- Middle notes: Pepper Oil, Cardamom, Cedar
- Base notes: Sandalwood, Amber, Feves Tonka

- Available in full bottle 100ml or 2x8ml with travel set.
- The travel set includes 2x8ml, in a handy compact size and reusable case to hold the vial.

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