Trocadero II  Blue Light Glasses - Black
Trocadero II  Blue Light Glasses
Trocadero II  Blue Light Glasses - BlackTrocadero II  Blue Light Glasses - Black
Trocadero II  Blue Light GlassesTrocadero II  Blue Light Glasses

Woodensun Sunglasses

Trocadero II Blue Light Glasses

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Woodensun blue light glasses inspired by viewpoints where you can appreciate cities and places full of light, our classic frames are made with tr-90, a type of nylon material or plastic-like texture. They are very resistant, but flexible. Glasses made from tr90 are extremely comfortable because they have a flexible quality. This flexibility also makes the tr90 glasses resistant to damage. Its size makes it ideal for children who are exposed to the screens of electronic devices

Your eco-Fashion eyewear born in Miami, we are fashion with purpose, because, Saving the planet is Fashionable! Our products are sustainable, because they are based on being more durable and they can be used in different seasons of the year, trying as much as possible to use 100% recyclable materials. In addition to being trending, help us to take care of the planet, for each sunglasses we sell, we plant a tree together with the One Tree Planted organization.

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