Yoga Mat - Dune - Dune
Yoga Mat - Dune
Yoga Mat - Dune
Yoga Mat - Dune - DuneYoga Mat - Dune - Dune
Yoga Mat - DuneYoga Mat - Dune
Yoga Mat - DuneYoga Mat - Dune


Yoga Mat - Dune



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Keep your yoga practice in the nature & transfer it to environmental action everyday. Arise your awareness and practice with senses. Innovated plant based material is sustainably sourced and BV® certified. Sweat proof keep surface always dry. Exact grip, extra cushion and more spacious support your posture while maintaining a solid connection to the ground.

- The mats are artifact.
- You can practice on either side.
- An antimicrobial additive helps prevent mildew on the mat
- Color may change over time.
- Contains Latex: People with rubber or latex allergies should avoid contact with this mat as it contains natural rubber and may contain very few latex.
- Weight: 4.0 kg (8 lbs)
- The first 100% plant based yoga mat

One of a Kind:
- Your WiMat surface is handmade.
- This means that every mat is unique and irreplaceable.
- The mat you receive was specially made for you and you only.

Thick and grippy:
- Your WiMat comes with a thicker surface to protect your joints and knees. Giving you an extra support during your practice and with just the right amount of grip.

Green Package:
- Instruction towel wrap
- Matband

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