XL Yoga Pad - Magic Orange - Magic Orange
XL Yoga Pad - Magic Orange - Magic OrangeXL Yoga Pad - Magic Orange - Magic Orange


XL Yoga Pad - Magic Orange

Magic Orange

Magic Orange

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New designed extra large yoga pad. Get enough space for some posture practice like arm-stand, headstand as well you can use for long meditation section. With exact grip, you get more comfort and support every time you show on your Xl Yoga Pad.

Easy To Store:
- XL Yoga Pad is a small and compact version of professional yoga mats. You can take it with you everywhere you go and fir ir easily in your bag.

Get Upside Down:
- Your XL pad is perfect for your inversion practice. Place your pad on top of your wiworldandi yoga mat for extra cushioning.

All Plant-Based Materials:
- XL pads are made with the same patented formula that we use in WiMats. All natural materials and plant-based surfaces. No bad vibes.

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