Palermo Bifocal Safety Glasses - Black
Palermo Bifocal Safety Glasses - BlackPalermo Bifocal Safety Glasses - Black


Palermo Bifocal Safety Glasses


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The palermo safety bifocal glasses wrap around sports protective goggles are constructed for comfort and durability with designs inspired by modern italian eye-wear. Featuring a lightweight yet strong frame, these comfortable yet premium glasses will hold up to the rigors of frequent use. the lenses are impact-resistant, shatter-proof and provide 100% uva and uvb protection.

- Each pair of glasses comes with a Polyurethane fibre leather case, microfiber soft pouch, microfiber lens cleaning cloth and a mini screwdriver.

Drawing Board:
- This unique collection of glasses were designed with industry trending styles and high-quality function in mind.
- Each pair was constructed with top-end materials that will last you a lifetime, and our Vitenzi lifetime guarantee proves that!
- Team of designers are extremely proud to share distinctive Italian inspired glasses with you!

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