Mr. Vetiver
Mr. VetiverMr. Vetiver

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Mr. Vetiver

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This is a story about a man who you may have encountered somewhere near Java. People say he is tall, with skin that has been tanned by the sun and tattooed by the passage of time. His blue gaze plunges into the view finder of his Leica, and his white shirt is perpetually wrinkled. He can often be spotted on the plains of the Garut regions, speeding along his old Dutch bicycle. But who is he? The refined notes of Vetiver and Cardamom that linger around the village bendor beside the rice paddy are a reminder that he has passed through.Mr. Vetiver is a pure vetiver that exalts our thirst for escape. A trip to the island ofJava, where this plant is cultivated, roots offering a nuanced, smoky essence. A perfume in contrast, formulated in the image of the diverse landscapes of this distant country.‘Mr. Vetiver’s head is full of freshness, drawing on the tangy bitterness of grapefruit and the zesty spice of cardamom. It bursts forth, enriched with herbaceous notes (basil and tarragon) that awaken a woody and warm background. Enhanced with spicy touches,'Mr. Vetiver' reveals full-bodied splendor without ever losing its elegance. Nose: Amélie Bourgeois & Anne-Sophie Behaghel Top Notes: Cardamom–Grapefruit-Lime–Basil-Tarragon Heart Notes: Geranium Base Notes: Vetiver–Piri Piri–Amber–Wood–Mosses

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