The Sculpt Arm Compound
The Sculpt Arm Compound
The Sculpt Arm Compound
The Sculpt Arm CompoundThe Sculpt Arm Compound
The Sculpt Arm CompoundThe Sculpt Arm Compound
The Sculpt Arm CompoundThe Sculpt Arm Compound

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The Sculpt Arm Compound

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The SCULPT Arm Compound by U Beauty is a revolutionary concentrate designed specifically to tighten the skin's appearance and counteract the negative visible effects of gravity. The SCULPT is powered by the brand's patent-pending SIREN Capsule technology to immediately deliver the look of contouring to areas of the skin that need it most. SIREN Capsules are unique in their ability to both attract and neutralize free radicals; this proprietary process of encapsulation allows for unparalleled specificity in the delivery of active ingredients, revealing more energized, more toned and smoother-looking skin.

- Loaded with antioxidants, probiotics, select ferments, rare marine extracts, stabilized Vitamin C, Glutathione, and Superoxide Dismutase
- The SCULPT-SIREN promotes skin communication that is activated during endurance exercise. The result: Muscles get cued to visibly "tighten up"
- Fermented soybean, probiotics, and a key marine extract (derived via a rare oceanic sponge) deliver oxygen and nutrient supply to skin
- Stabilized Vitamin C works to hydrate skin while probiotics and antioxidants promote balance and the colonization of healthy bacteria
- Overall, skin is less subject to the visible effects of gravity and more resilient in its ability to address the appearance of damage

- Probiotics: Visibly de-puff skin and promote healthy bacteria for improved skin defense.
- Marine Bacillus Extract: Derived via a rare oceanic sponge, it helps optimize oxygen and nutrient supply to skin. It also encourages energy-boosting ATP expression, which helps to improve the appearance of definition and firmness on the skin.
- Retinol: Helps strengthen the dermal-epidermal junction, resulting in less visible fluid accumulation and firmer-looking skin. It also works to prevent the breakdown of collagen and improves collagen synthesis, while helping to gently resurface the skin's appearance without the likelihood of irritation.
- Antioxidants, via SIREN Capsule technology: Superoxide Dismutase combats the visible effects of photoaging; defends against damaging effects of free radicals and environmental aggressors; helps prevent lipid peroxidation; neutralizes superoxide free radicals; and reduces the look of UV-induced redness.
- Glutathione: Defends skin against early signs of aging, as well as helps to promote natural cell detoxification.
- Vitamin E: A hydration-boosting antioxidant that defends skin against free radicals.
- Stabilized Vitamin C: Hydrates, brightens and defends the skin, while encouraging collagen synthesis.

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