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Whitening Gum
Whitening GumWhitening Gum
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Whitening Gum

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Here's something to chew on: This is the ONLY whitening gum that's made with Calprox®, our proprietary formula that gently cleans and whitens, without causing sensitivity. Made with Xylitol, a safe and natural sweetener with antibacterial benefits for a healthier mouth (and a healthier you). Look at you chews-ing health and beauty! Made with clean ingredients that are safe, gentle and clinically-proven to whiten while promoting healthy teeth and gums — all without sensitivity. You do you, while we take care of the stains (no need to adjust your lifestyle or consumption habits!).

- Dissolves surface stains from teeth without sensitivity
- Freshens breath + prevents cavities
- Makes smiles look shiny + new (even dentures, veneers, or bonded teeth!)
- Mint flavor
- 1 Pack = 12 Pieces

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The original whitening toothpaste, developed by the father of aesthetic dentistry, Dr. Irwin Smigel. Get cleaner and whiter teeth without sensitivity with our proprietary ingredient, Calprox®️ Really brighten your smile just by brushing your teeth!

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