Aroma Peel
Aroma Peel
Aroma PeelAroma Peel
Aroma PeelAroma Peel

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Aroma Peel

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Natural, Gentle Essential Oil Facial Exfoliator: Peel? Yes. Harsh? No way. This natural alternative to harsh glycolic chemical peels is made to gently promote the qualities of healthy, youthful skin. A mild, but effective exfoliant, this peel is designed to benefit all skin types, and reveal a look of radiance and clarity. A concentrated blend of pure, undiluted essential oils work to eliminate dead skin cells, diminish the look of congestion and lack luster skin.The result is a complexion that appears, smoother, revitalized, restored. The complex aromatherapy blend is a treat for mind and body.

- Regular exfoliation stimulates mature, aging skin types to reveal healthy, supple skin
- Gently and effectively removes dead, dry skin for a complexion that appears brighter, toned, more youthful
- Essential oil blend protects skin from a variety of skin irritations
- Diminishes the look of scarring and the look of fine lines, wrinkles and blemishes
- Get powerful results without the recovery time needed for other chemical peels
- This potent oil combo may be free of harmful chemicals, and will definitely deliver on beautiful looking skin.
- This peel works well on all skin types

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