Specialty Lip Collagen Treatment - 10mL
Specialty Lip Collagen Treatment - 10mLSpecialty Lip Collagen Treatment - 10mL

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Specialty Lip Collagen Treatment - 10mL

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Specialty Lip Collagen Treatment - 10mL

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Lip collagen treatment provides lips with nutrients and proteins to improve the overall texture and appearance of lips. Your lips need care just like the rest of your skin, but lips are unique. Lip collagen treatment has a unique blend of active ingredients specifically formulated to keep your lips young, plump and healthy looking. Works great to help support healing after lip injections and other damage. With real fruit juice added, it will taste great too. learn more about this unique lip formulation. How does collagen application help lips? Collagen is the most prevalent protein naturally found on your skin and lips. It serves as a primary connective tissue while also helping your skin look youthful. Skin actives lip collagen treatment is designed to facilitate and encourage more collagen production so your lips maintain the look and feel of graceful youth.

- Reduces the appearance of fine lines on lips
- Supports overall lip health with nutrients and antioxidants
- Helps improve lip texture

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