Salicylic Cleanser | Flawless Collection - 2-Pack
Salicylic Cleanser | Flawless Collection - 2-PackSalicylic Cleanser | Flawless Collection - 2-Pack

Skin Actives Scientific

Salicylic Cleanser | Flawless Collection - 2-Pack

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Salicylic Cleanser | Flawless Collection - 2-Pack

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Our salicylic cleanser gently exfoliates without drying the skin, making it very beneficial for oily and blemish-prone skin types. The salicylic facial wash contributes to clear pores and exfoliates skin to help improve overall skin texture. We also added in our sea kelp bioferment to provide needed nutrients to your face during the cleansing process. Make the salicylic cleanser part of your daily flawless skin care regimen. Look for skin actives clarifying cream and t zone serum too. Suitable for people with oily skin or for people who can tolerate medium level peels.

How it works:
- Cleanses skin to keep pores clear
- Exfoliates to help improve skin texture
- Controls oily skin
- Reduces photo damage

- Skin concern: Oil & blemish control

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