Brow and Lash Enhancing Conditioner & Serum Kit
Brow and Lash Enhancing Conditioner & Serum KitBrow and Lash Enhancing Conditioner & Serum Kit

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Brow and Lash Enhancing Conditioner & Serum Kit

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Brow and Lash Enhancing Conditioner & Serum Kit

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Conditioner: Soften, strengthen and revitalize thin, damaged or clumpy brow and lash hair with a versatile conditioner combining rich moisturizers, must-have nutrients and the latest antioxidant support. Skin actives’ own kgf peptide penetrates to the hair-growth centers within the skin, signaling keratin production and encouraging faster and more robust regrowth. Panthenol fortifies the lashes on a structural level, while kefir bioferment delivers a broad array of vitamins and minerals to the underlying skin. With a balanced formula that separates lashes and provides a soft, appealing texture, brow and lash enhancing conditioner can serve as a primer or replacement for mascara and brow gel, delivering a vibrant look and feel without harsh chemicals or unwanted buildup. Serum: Everyone wants longer, stronger and thicker eye lashes and brows. Brow and Lash Serum combines nourishing actives with Keratinocyte Growth Factor (KGF) for hair that looks thicker, stronger, and healthier. Skin Actives' exclusive Sea Kelp Bioferment is a nutrient and mineral dense gel that contributes to overall skin and hair health. This lash extender and conditioning serum should be applied to the brow line and/or lash line twice daily. Allow to dry before applying makeup and mascara. Can also be used with lash extensions to prevent loss of lashes. Skin Actives Brow and Lash Serum has no side effects and will not change the color of your eyes.

- Softens, separates and lengthens lashes and brow hair
- Helps to strengthen hair
- Reduces breakage and helps improve elasticity

- Hair follicles become thicker and stronger
- Brows and lashes appear fuller
- Provides nutrients to revitalize hair

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