Zen Cork Meditation Cushion - Default Title
Zen Cork Meditation Cushion
Zen Cork Meditation Cushion - Default TitleZen Cork Meditation Cushion - Default Title
Zen Cork Meditation CushionZen Cork Meditation Cushion

Shakti Warrior

Zen Cork Meditation Cushion

Default Title

Default Title

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Our Zen Meditation Cushion is made of high quality sustainable cork fabric with treated buckwheat fillers. The cork cushion naturally takes the shape of your body making it very comfortable. It is also lightweight making it easy to carry around and be mindful on the go! Sustainability Cork is the outer bark of the Oak Tree. The Oak tree is never cut down to harvest cork, rather the bark is stripped by hand! No part of the bark is wasted during cork production. Oak trees regenerate their bark by absorbing five times more Carbon Dioxide than an oak tree that hasn't been harvested. The Best Thing: They come from the Earth, they go back into the Earth! The mat is 100% biodegradable, so by buying it you aren't increasing your carbon footprint.

Soul of the Meditation Cushion
- Sustainable cork fabric
- Treated buckwheat fillers
- Double stitching for extra durability

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