Eyes Open Eyeshadows (Refills) - Turtle
Eyes Open Eyeshadows (Refills)
Eyes Open Eyeshadows (Refills)
Eyes Open Eyeshadows (Refills) - TurtleEyes Open Eyeshadows (Refills) - Turtle
Eyes Open Eyeshadows (Refills)Eyes Open Eyeshadows (Refills)
Eyes Open Eyeshadows (Refills)Eyes Open Eyeshadows (Refills)

SAPPHO New Paradigm

Eyes Open Eyeshadows (Refills)

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Satiny, matte, shimmery, neutral, bold... All MUA approved. A stunning collection of richly pigmented eyeshadow colors – some created for every day, some made for drama. Consciously formulated using low heavy metal, child labor free minerals pressed with certified organic argan and jojoba oils, and with gentle herb and flower extracts, imparting smooth, long-lasting wear with incredible color pay-off. They come in plastic-free, unlaminated envelopes and are pressed in metal pans to create personalized eyeshadow palettes in refillable magnetic compacts, sold separately. Offered in 15 beautiful blendable and buildable tones.

Rebekah: Saturated pink with light gold sparkles, shimmery finish
Beckitt: Tawny brown, matte satin finish
Chloe: True pewter for creating a daytime smoky eye, satin finish
Deep Dianne: Creamy yellow neutral with a hint of warm rose, satin finish
Gitte: Intensely pigmented deep plum, satin finish
Jono: Medium/dark shade of brown, matte satin finish
Minaz: Sparkly light golden peach, shimmery finish
Norma: Rich gold brown, satin finish
Raven: Deeply pigmented very dark blue black, matte satin finish
Tanya: Cool bold royal blue, matte satin finish
Turtle: Light ivory tone for brightness, matte satin finish
Laura: Beautiful soft bronze, satin finish
Jessica: Sparkly saturated peach, shimmery finish
Monica: Pale peachy pink, matte satin finish
Victoria: Soft terracotta, a darker peach with brown undertones, matte satin finish

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