Hydraluxe Lipstick - Crushed Berry
Hydraluxe Lipstick
Hydraluxe Lipstick - Crushed BerryHydraluxe Lipstick - Crushed Berry
Hydraluxe LipstickHydraluxe Lipstick

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Hydraluxe Lipstick


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Ready To Wear’s® HydraLuxe Lipsticks are on the case to bring you beautifully-hydrated, fuller-looking, and more youthful-looking lips! Your lips will kiss you! Hydraluxe Lipstick not only adds luscious color to your lips, but also delivers superior hydration and beneficial age-defying properties. Featuring the innovative Spherulite delivery system that dispenses hyaluronic acid and other high-end ingredients, this satiny-smooth lipstick moisturizes lips while helping to diminish the appearance of lines. In addition to hydrating your lips, hyaluronic acid’s water-binding capacity also has the effect of filling and temporarily plumping your lips. The delivery system encapsulates all the ingredients to bring you lipsticks with a creamy-smooth texture in a lovely satin finish. They're lightweight, glide on easily, and give long-lasting color. HydraLuxe Lipsticks are Free of Lanolin, Gluten, and Mineral Oil and have been shown in a small clinical test with 20 volunteers to help improve moisturization after 15 and 30 days.

- Solution oriented – Hyaluronic Acid and conditioners hydrate and smooth, temporarily plumping lips and filling in lines on lips
- Richly-pigmented, long-lasting color
- Lightweight, creamy-smooth texture with effortless glide
- Free of Lanolin, Gluten, Mineral Oil, and Parabens
- Made in Italy for Ready To Wear

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