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Quay Australia Hardwire  product image
Quay Australia Hardwire  product image


Color - Pink/Clear Blue Light
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Protect your eyes in style. The Hardwire glasses feature HEV-blocking technology that helps prevent headaches, blurry vision and other symptoms of digital eye strain by blocking harmful blue light. Now you can look good and feel good while working or scrolling.

144 mm lens width; 48 mm height; 25 mm nose gap
Category 3 protection, polarized
Injection plastic, triple-barrel hinges
Medium square fit
SKU - #A40001016000650
Quay Australia
Quay Australia sunnies were born on the festival circuit — inspired by musicians, festival-goers, and other freethinkers searching for cool and affordable shades. Quay embodies the carefree attitude and fresh perspectives of individuals with fearless style who aren’t afraid to stand out from the crowd.
Modified Polyphenylene Oxide Frame
Polycarbonate Lenses