XL Condom (12-Pack)
XL Condom (12-Pack)
XL Condom (12-Pack)XL Condom (12-Pack)
XL Condom (12-Pack)XL Condom (12-Pack)


XL Condom (12-Pack)

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We know your grandfather was a very handsome man, but do you really want to use the same condom as him? No? Great, because we're not your grandfather's condom. 100% Vegan for a reason. Most latex condoms contain casein (a dairy byproduct) and other unnatural ingredients, which cause them to stink. Our condoms are 100% vegan so they are clear and odorless . This way, the only animal in your bedroom is you. Exceptionally thin & perfectly lubricated. Sex is something that is meant to be felt and enjoyed without worry. That is why we provide condoms that are 40% thinner than your old brand with just the right amount of lubricant. Extra strong & trusted. We focused on the quality and strength so you can stay focused and in the moment. Our condoms exceed FDA requirements in strength and reliability. We want you performing your best knowing that you're wearing the best. Better, Gentler Ingredients. P.S. condoms are made with all natural rubber latex, using a proprietary distillation process for a smoother and softer condom. Unlike most major condom brands, our condoms are 100% Vegan, and do not contain the animal protein casein. P.S. condoms are lubricated with premium medical-grade silicone, and do not contain parabens, glycerin, bisphenol-A (BPA), gluten, or nitrosamines. The end result: You get a crystal clear condom that doesn’t smell, and is ready to go whenever you are. Exceeds FDA Requirements. P.S. condoms are manufactured in South Korea and are FDA 510(k) cleared (they actually exceed the FDA’s requirements for latex condoms). Each condom is electronically tested to assure strength and reliability. Our exceptionally thin condoms have a thickness of 0.045 mm. That’s 40% thinner than regular condoms, and 15% thinner than the leading “ultra thin” condom brand. STIs are at an All Time High. As the CDC has reported, the rate of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) is higher today than ever before. To help curb this trend, P.S. is offering a simple solution - when used properly, our latex condoms are 98% effective at preventing unwanted pregnancies, and greatly reduce the risk of getting a STI. Try us out, you won’t be disappointed.

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