Ink The Airy Velvet [#1] + Ink Glasting Lip Gloss [#1]
Ink The Airy Velvet [#1] + Ink Glasting Lip Gloss [#1]Ink The Airy Velvet [#1] + Ink Glasting Lip Gloss [#1]


Ink The Airy Velvet [#1] + Ink Glasting Lip Gloss [#1]


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Ink the Airy Velvet: Longlasting: - Its adhesive formula with highly pigmented colors leaves a beautiful and even stain on your lips Moisturizing Formula: - The formula that blends in the perfect balance of vitamin E, cotton seed oil, green tea oil and mango oil is what locks in the moisture - A single layer of color will get you through the day without drying out Silky Smooth Finish: - Silk powders and silicone oils in the tint give you that smooth glide - Tint consists of elastomer that fills in the fine curves of your lips so you can get that emollient finish Various Colors: - A collection of colors that fits every complexion - Find your signature color from our wide selection of gorgeous shades - No animal tested, gluten free and paraben free Glasting Tint: - Peripera's lustrous, pigment-packed lip gloss looks as good as it feels - Glide on instant, glassy radiance for fuller-looking, hydrated lips - With each layer, your lip color stays vibrant and your shine stays glass-like - This vegan lip gloss is formulated with mango, olive fruit and jojoba oils that provides highly effective, wrinkle-reducing, anti-aging lip care - Your lips are guaranteed to look fuller, smoother and stunningly glass-like all day long (Glow + Lasting = Glasting)

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