Routine Maintenance: 8 Winter Skincare Tips for Colder Days

There are a few ways our routines change once the frosty air sets in, from personal style to meal prep — but did you know your skincare shelf needs an update as well? When you configure your daily regime for winter, you can ensure you’re protecting your skin against the elements while still having that dewy glow we love in the summer. And because skincare is complicated (if we’re honest, it reminds us why we should have paid more attention in science class) we’ve broken down the basics on our winter skincare cheat sheet below. Grab your moisturizer and prepare to take the snowy months head-on — or, better yet, face first.

Use a Gentle Cleanser

From cold winds to dry indoor heating, winter presents a challenging mix of skin irritants. Switch to a gentle cleanser to make the first step of your regimen a soothing one. Minimalist skincare-loving creator @madisonrussell recommends a gel cleanser for medium-to-oily skin types.

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Exfoliate on Schedule

Exfoliating is like getting a clean slate. It preps the skin to better absorb the ingredients in your topical products. The good news? You don’t have to book a facial and brave the snow to do it! You can remove dead skin cells and impurities at home with a toner or scrub.

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Nourish With Serums

The next step is delivering a potent dose of active ingredients, including skin-saving vitamins and nutrients. That’s where oils and serums come in. @_yumi_nu considers this step in her routine an end-of-day treat (and we agree). Tip: If you're acne-prone, choose a serum sans-comedogenic ingredients.

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Add & Lock in Moisture

Consider this the main event. Humidity is lower in the winter, which means your skin loses moisture more quickly (yikes). Using an intense moisturizing cream — rather than light lotions, which are ideal during warmer months — can lock in existing moisture and infuse additional hydration. Yum.

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Don’t Forget SPF

Think you can skip SPF when it’s snowing outside? Think again. It’s a crucial part of your regimen year-round, but especially in the winter when you’re exposed to other harsh weather, too. You can double this up with an existing product (like your moisturizer) or add an additional step to your skincare routine.

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Detox With a Face Mask

Short on time but big on beautiful, healthy skin? A mask is the key to the glow you’re looking for. Apply a cream-based or wearable mask to let the nutrients soak into your skin while you go about your evening routine. We recommend a good book and a cup of tea, but you do you. 

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Soothe Dry Lips

Don’t leave your lips behind when you’re giving your face a spa treatment. Dry, cracked lips are common during the winter months. Balms and lip masks can help repair and moisturize, while scrubs can remove dead skin and leave your pout looking even softer than it does in the summer.

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Streamline Your Routine

Listen, we get it. There are a lot of steps here. And while we love the idea of using *all* of our favorite skincare products each day, sometimes it helps to simplify. These done-for-you sets will clarify your routine and help you ease into your new winter skincare schedule. 

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