Winter Coats 101: Try These 6 Outerwear Trends (Puffers, Parkas & More)

While its primary aim is to keep you warm, winter outerwear is one of the easiest (and most satisfying) ways to express your personal style during the colder months. Your stay-snug wardrobe should be a mix of versatility, utility and on-trend looks. Need some inspiration? Get an exclusive preview of the top outerwear trends of the season. We're turning up the heat in fluffy faux-fur, ultra-cozy teddies and sporty anoraks (to name a few). Button up, bring on the snow and prepare to make the sidewalk your very own runway this winter. Carefully, of course.

Puff Piece

You needn't look hard to see *the* trend of the season: volume. Puffer coats and oversized quilted jackets are having a moment. These playful, marshmallow-like layers are both highly functional and refreshingly versatile, taking cues from sporty ski coats, ‘90s streetwear and outdoor adventure gear alike.

Faux for It

It's official… Going big is the move for winter 2022. Luxe faux-fur jackets and coats (especially in exciting hues) are on our radar, and they're not playing small. Opt for a sweeping full length coat or a soft take on the leather jacket. Still stuck on puffers? This coat lets the faux-fur and quilted trends meet in the middle.

Soft Serve

Sherpas, teddies and jackets that feel like a hug? We're into 'em. And there's no better time to wear a hug than winter. Treat yourself to some stylish self-care in the form of plush faux-shearling textures, roomy fits and wear-every-day appeal. *Still* stuck on the puffer? We get it.  There's a plush take on that, too.

Plaid Habit

Outsmart the winter weather in polished looking plaid prints. This timeless pattern can play up style cues from rustic to preppy — and everything in between. Take this trend for a spin in a cocoon-silhouette wool coat or pixelate your look with a modern geometric motif. When in doubt, go classic.

Long Story

When it's you and your wardrobe against the elements, there's a simple way to beat the cold: Cover as much of your body as possible. We love long, swallow-you-whole coats for both their visual impact — a sweeping hem evokes the best kind of drama — and their undisputed warmth.

Parkas & Recreation

If you love the sporty, winter-ready look of the puffer but aren't into the volume (marshmallow life isn't for everyone, after all) you can opt for a sleek utility-inspired anorak, trench or parka. These outdoor adventure-esque layers have the pockets, hoods, and design details you need to brave the outdoors in style.