4 Product Swaps to Jump Start Your Clean Beauty Journey

Switching to clean beauty can be incredibly overwhelming. For starters, it’s hard to keep track of what it truly means — even with this primer as a guide, we know that what’s considered “clean” can be pretty arbitrary. 

The key to making the clean-beauty switch is to approach it gradually. Going all-or-nothing may feel good, but taking baby steps until you’re where you want to be will be even more rewarding. Ultimately, “clean” is a personal definition that requires both time and investment to figure out which formulas work best with your skin — and suit your values. 

Here are a few easy ideas to get you started:

1. Swap Out Your Deodorant

Research on aluminum (a common ingredient in antiperspirants) is mixed — some studies have linked it to breast cancer and Alzheimer’s, while others have exonerated it. Right now the general consensus is that there isn’t a clear link between aluminum in antiperspirants and breast cancer, but more research is definitely needed.

We’d rather be safe than sorry — especially when there are so many effective natural deodorants out there that smell great, too.

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2. Keep Your Eyes on the (Clean Beauty!) Prize

More likely than not, there’s a clean beauty equivalent for everything you love in your current eye makeup routine. Not only will it be comparable to traditional makeup in quality and performance, but it'll also likely be infused with benefits that go beyond the color pop. (Think: plant oils for a boost of nourishing hydration, or botanical extracts that help support healthier skin or lashes.)

To make the switch, start experimenting with clean mascara or go for organic eye liners. Play with eye shadow, too: clean comes in all colors and textures, not just barely-there, satin neutrals. Go bright or play with all the shimmer — the options are endless.

Don’t wear eye makeup? Apply the same concept to your other beauty products, like face makeup and lipstick

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3. Invest in V— good clean skin care.

In fact, making the switch might even inspire you to skip foundation altogether.

Wash your face with a really mild, pH-balanced cleanser, then apply a vitamin C serum, oil and mineral-based SPF to finish. If you’re feeling squirrelly about leaving the house without coverage, use a little concealer on your most uneven spots. In a week’s time, you’re going to be glowing.

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4. Change Up Your Body Wash

This one’s great because it feels like a relatively small tweak, but is actually massive: nearly all your skin is exposed to your cleanser every single day. By switching to a clean body wash, you’re making a huge leap forward.

If you’re ready to take the next step, go clean with the rest of your bodycare routine, too. Once you’re done with your current rotation of products, start implementing an even better-for-you version of body oil or body cream.

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