4 product swaps to jump start your clean beauty journey

Switching to clean beauty can feel like a lot. For one, beauty products are expensive. And if I’m being honest, there are some things I just don’t want to part with. Take, for instance, my Kat Von D eyeliner — it’s like a security blanket.

The key to making the clean-beauty switch, as in so many aspects of life, is to take things gradually. While it can feel good to go all-or-nothing, I’m a bigger fan of baby stepping until you’re where you want to be. You can always transition more later, right? Here are a few easy ideas to get you started:

1. Switch out your deodorant.

Research on aluminum (a common ingredient in antiperspirants) is mixed — some studies have linked it to breast cancer and Alzheimer’s, while others have exonerated it. Right now the general consensus is that there isn’t a clear link between aluminum in antiperspirants and breast cancer, but more research is definitely needed.

We’d rather be safe than sorry — especially when there are so many effective, good-smelling natural deodorants out there.

2. Add a bold eyeliner from an organic brand.

Bold, bright eyeliner colors are a super-current trend (very ~festival season~). Since you probably won’t be wearing it forever (or every day, for that matter), what better time to swap in something clean? If you’re not 100 percent sold, no harm. And if you love it, you can buy a neutral version of it later.

Don’t wear eyeliner? Apply the same concept to a different makeup product, such as eye shadowmascara, or lipstick.

3. Skip foundation for clean skin care.

Yes, this can be scary, but I swear it’s so worth it. The first couple of days going foundation-free are hard. After that, though, your skin will love not being weighed down and suffocated.

Wash your face with a really mild, pH-balanced cleanser, then apply a vitamin C serumoil and mineral-based SPF to finish. If you’re feeling squirrelly about leaving the house without coverage, use a little concealer on your most uneven spots. In a week’s time, you’re going to be glowing.

4. Change up your body wash.

This one’s great because it feels like a relatively small tweak (I don’t know anyone who is super committed to their body wash in the same way they are, say, their mascara) but is actually massive (nearly all your skin is exposed to your cleanser every single day). By switching to a clean body wash, you’re making a huge leap forward by taking one tiny little step.