New Year, Fresh Closet: 2022 Resolutions To Inspire Your Personal Style

It's no surprise that we love personal style as a means of self-expression. Wearing clothes you feel good in can help build confidence while you develop (or evolve) your signature look. And while you don't need an excuse to shift more focus to your fashion decisions, a brand new year is a great opportunity to try new trends. Need some inspiration? Give our 2022 style resolutions a scroll. These declarations will help you break out of any outfit-related ruts, experiment with right-now looks and even discover emerging brands to love.

Try a New Hue

Nothing says “new you” like a palette refresh. Green is on our radar this year, from deep sage to spring-inspired pistachio. This hue evokes an air of renewal and inspiration — both ideal vibes for kicking off the new year. Add a bit of green with a spring heel, feminine blouse or playful earring.

Dress Up (Just Because)

If you typically wait for the holidays to wear head-turning attire, this is for you. Find (or invent) more reasons to dress up this year. You’ll get more mileage out of statement pieces, discover fun photo ops and build up your dress code confidence. Hint: A puffed sleeve totally counts when a full-on gown won’t do.

Get a Little Wild

We’ll always love neutrals, but this year we're all about showing stripes and being bold. Made-you-look prints (especially animal and abstract motifs) can elevate go-to looks. Think primary colors over black basics or wild cat-inspired activewear. Even an accent, like a wallet, can ease you into this resolution.

Speak Your Mind

Louder for the people in the back! Whether you're promoting good vibes or showing off your star sign (trust us, it matters), your outfit can do the talking. Work a subliminal-to-obvious message into your look with branded hats, cheeky jewelry and graphic tops.

Keep It Cozy

Finally, a resolution that’s easy to keep! Balance comfort and style (emphasis on the comfort) when you layer on oversized sweatshirts and statement cardigans. When spring begins to bloom, switch to warm-weather renditions like long-sleeve terry tops in cropped silhouettes.

Embrace Nature

Loving nature is always in style, so you’ll find endless accessories and statement pieces that nod to eco-inspiration. Start with a floral print skirt or a string of freshwater pearls. An ode to honey bees in the form of subtle hair pins or a surprise lining covered in tropical foliage are sure to inspire smiles.