Sublime Gold Leave In Shield
Sublime Gold Leave In Shield
Sublime Gold Leave In Shield
Sublime Gold Leave In ShieldSublime Gold Leave In Shield
Sublime Gold Leave In ShieldSublime Gold Leave In Shield
Sublime Gold Leave In ShieldSublime Gold Leave In Shield

Miriam Quevedo

Sublime Gold Leave In Shield

Sublime Gold Leave In Shield

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What it is: The ultimate hair elixir treatment with complete action. Its highly concentrated formula of active ingredients nourish the hair and scalp, making it glossy, soft and manageable while providing a total protection to both hair and scalp. What it does: An exquisite and innovative formula enhanced by a unique concentration of three types of 24k Gold: bioactive, micronized and in flakes that act as a protective agent against ageing, they add a gorgeous sheen to hair and optimize the biodistribution of sublime active ingredients for optimum absorption. Enriched with microlipids obtained from the Wild Olive Stem Cells, Vegan Keratin, Marine Bamboo, Moringa Peptide and the Multi-bond Filler and Vegan Shine Beautifier Complex, it strengthens and regenerates the hair from inside and effectively protects the hair fiber and scalp from oxidative stress, while repairing and softening the hair, which will recover its silkiness and gain elasticity and softness. It acts like a protective shield against external factors responsible for premature ageing, such as heat, chemical treatments, pollution, UV rays and blue light.   Who it's for: For all hair types. Especially those with normal-to-thick, porous, dry, damaged, dull hair. Safe for color and keratin treated hair. What it smells: The juicy touch of apple and strawberry, the opulence of jasmine and lily of the valley, with sensual notes of sandalwood.

- Acts against hair aging process at the cellular level
- Global spray treatment that instantly gives hair a renewed youth
- Provides intense nutrition and regeneration directly to the heart of the hair fiber and the scalp
- Has ultra-repairing priorities that act within the hair structure to strengthen hair from root to tip, restructuring broken keratin bonds.
- Promotes collagen formation
- Helps prevent hair from becoming fragile and brittle
- Helps protect hair from heat tools and blow-drying damage
- Has highly protective properties against aggressors such as harsh salon treatments, pollution, sunlight or oxidative stress.
- Revitalizes the hair
- Provides sublime shine and luminosity with more intense reflections thanks to 24k micronized gold
- It has moisturizing, anti-irritant, and antioxidant properties
- Enhances the softness and silkiness of the hair
- Conditions and facilitates combing

Active Ingredients:
- Bioactive 24k gold
- 24k gold flakes
- Wild olive tree stem cells
- Multi-bond filler
- Organic argan oil
- Vegan keratin
- Vegan collagen
- Moringa peptide
- Marine bamboo
- Multi-vitamin b complex
- Betaine amino-acid
- Camellia oil
- 5 trace elements protein complex
- Vegan shine beautifier complex
- Rosemary botanical extract

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