Glacial White Cav Shamp 500 mL
Glacial White Cav Shamp 500 mLGlacial White Cav Shamp 500 mL

Miriam Quevedo

Glacial White Cav Shamp 500 mL

Glacial White Cav Shamp 500 mL

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What it is: The must have shampoo for sensitive scalp. Gentle, yet highly concentrated shampoo unlocks the benefits of continuous, pure hydration. What it does: This ultra-moisturizing, anti-aging treatment is ideal for those with sensitive, dry scalps and dry or damaged hair. Rebalances the scalp’s microflora, relieves any scalp irritations and protects against future damage. Powerful antioxidants offer protection against oxidative stress while active molecular peptides help recover elasticity, bounce and strength leaving hair incredibly silky, soft and renewed. Who it’s for: Ideal for sensitive scalps and those with sensitized, stressed, dehydrated and irritated scalps or hair. Safe for color and keratin treated hair. What it smells: A sparkling citrus floral. Citrus accords shimmer over a heart of blackcurrant, lily of the valley, jasmine, violet.

- Acts against the hair aging process
- Sulfate-Free formula gently cleanses hair and scalp
- Helps to balance the scalp’s microflora, combatting scalp discomfort
- Normalizes scalp imbalances
- Delivers anti-inflammatory and soothing properties
- Protects hair and scalp from oxidative stress and the deterioration of keratin
- Increases brightness, softness and hydration
- Rebuilds and repairs keratin while maintaining the structure of the hair fiber to provide a more manageable and much healthier look
- Maintains, replenishes and retains a continuous pure hydration
- Protects color and brightness while providing recovery of natural shine
- Helps to regain more flexible and stronger hair, leaving it incredibly silky, bright and full of bounce

Active Ingredients:
- White caviar extract
- Encapsulated swiss glacial water
- Organic baobab oil
- Complex of organic edelweiss flower, rice and cotton extracts
- Keratin protection & rebuilding system
- Hyaluronic acid fraction
- Scalp hydrating and calming complex (xylitol and lactitol)
- Natural tensioactives derived from oats
- Betaine amino-acid
- Panthenol

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