Black Baccara Intensive Shampoo
Black Baccara Intensive Shampoo
Black Baccara Intensive Shampoo
Black Baccara Intensive ShampooBlack Baccara Intensive Shampoo
Black Baccara Intensive ShampooBlack Baccara Intensive Shampoo
Black Baccara Intensive ShampooBlack Baccara Intensive Shampoo

Miriam Quevedo

Black Baccara Intensive Shampoo

Black Baccara Intensive Shampoo

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What It Is: Luxurious ultra-intensive shampoo for in-depth cleansing and detoxification, especially beneficial for urban areas with contamination. Thanks to its high concentration of ingredients, this shampoo acts as a booster treatment to stimulate the hair’s growth cycle for a stronger, denser mane with a rejuvenated texture. What It Does: Its anti-stress effect upon the follicle, scalp and fiber prevents slowdown of the growth of follicles affected by emotional stress, counteracting the impact of cortisol and detaining the appearance of gray hair. By promoting oxygenation and liberation of the follicles and scalp for optimal cellular breathing, this shampoo counteracts oxidative stress and the harmful effects of hard water and contamination. A healthy scalp boosts the reparation and creation of new bonds to reverse the hair fibers’ damage and restore it to its virgin state. Furthermore, this intensive shampoo reduces the scalp’s sensitivity, optimizing its natural hydration factors and helping to balance its microflora, strengthening the skin’s protective barrier. Who It’s For: Anyone who needs an anti-aging hair treatment or has hair that is weak, thinning or brittle. What It Smells: A warm fruity floral. Flirtatious yet sophisticated, tuberose and orange blossom are paired with the warmth of vanilla and spicy notes for a sensual twist.

- Vegan-friendly and counscious formulas and counscious formulas, green technology, recycled packaging
- Deeply cleanses and detoxifies
- Prevents hair growth disturbances due to our environment and lifestyle
- Ensures proper function of the hair follicle to decrease and prevent hair thinning and stimulate hair growth
- Helps strengthen internal hair structure and activates and prolongs the phases of hair growth
- It acts against stress-related hair growth disturbances and helps reduce the appearance of gray hair
- Promotes follicle and scalp oxygenation and liberation for an optimal cellular breathability
- Revitalizing action strengthens, protects and adds shine
- Powerful antioxidants defend against free radicals
- Anti-pollution and photo-protective properties
- Improves microcirculation, allowing essential nutrients to be delivered directly to the heart of the hair follicle, a critical step for optimal hair growth
- Helps reduce the sensitivity of the scalp, resulting in a decrease in itching
- Regulates sebum and provides antiseptic properties
- Minimizes color loss: retains over 96% of color after 10 washes
- Polishing effect: prevents cuticle desquamation
- Helps reduce fiber frizz

Free Of:
- Formulated without sulfates, parabens, mineral oils, phthalates, paraffin or petrolatum
- Vegan and conscious formulas (free of toxins and hormones). Color and keratin protection
- Recycled packaging

Ingredients Benefits:
Black Baccara Rose Youth Concentrate:
- Provides intense protection against our lifestyle and environment that can disturb the hair growth biological clock
- The cutting-edge formulation is designed to protect and defend cells from cycle variations to keep hair growing healthy and prevent premature aging of both the hair follicle and shaft

Fresh Rose Stem Cells Extract:
- Extracted through biotechnology from the Alpine Rose, a highly resistant shrub with antioxidant and radical scavenging properties
- Contains special epigenetic factors and metabolites to preserve hair follicle’s stem cells’ function. Increases stem cell vitality, boosts regeneration and protects against environmental stress

Triple Action Hair Growth Factors (Capixyl™, Hairgenyl™ y De-stress Hair Cellular Growth Factor):
- They act at the heart of the hair follicle, targeting multiple growth regulators to prevent and stop hair loss while stimulating growth
- They activate and prolong the growth phase (anagen) of the hair and maintain the formation, size and regeneration of the follicle
- At the same time, they provide an anti-stress effect on the follicle, scalp and fiber, which, among other things, reduces the appearance of gray hair
- In addition, they preserve and activate the regeneration of hair stem cells while supporting the biological activity of the dermal papilla for optimal hair follicle structure and hair formation
- They decrease the production of dht by inhibiting the activity of 5-α reductase
- They also prevent the slowdown of follicle growth affected by emotional stress, counteracting the effect of cortisol

Multi-bond Filler:
- Designed to strengthen hair from inside the fiber by penetrating deep into the cortex to create new hydrogen and ionic bonds
- This provides improved strengthening by up to 3 x that of untreated hair and improved manageability back to hair that has been damaged by chemical, thermal, environmental and mechanical aging
- It restores hair fiber strength and elasticity back to levels of virgin hair

Vegan Keratin:
- 100% natural and vegetable-based keratin increases hair strength and elasticity protecting against damage from harsh salon processes, environmental stressors and oxidative stress
- Improves manageability and leaves hair looking shinier and healthier

Thermal Water:
- Mineral water rich in calcium, magnesium, iron, manganese, zinc and copper from the hot springs of salies de bearn des gaves, france
- It has powerful comforting and antioxidant properties and deeply hydrates
- Comforts, refreshes and softens an irritated or damaged scalp

Prebiotic Scalp Hydrating, Comforting and Purifying Complex (Xylitol and Molecular Botanic Blend):
- Rebalance scalp microbiome for a healthy scalp
- Balancing and highly moisturizing prebiotic complex based on xylitol and active molecular botanic blend (ginger, frankincense and grape vines) that restores scalp cutaneous ecosystem, favoring the balance of scalp microbiome by acting against pathogenic germs and providing sebum regulation as well as soothing properties by combating redness to support a healthy hair growth
- The complex, highly moisturizing and comforting, balances pH levels and maintains a dynamic balance of microflora naturally found on the scalp to strengthen the barrier function and prevent scalp discomfort including: dryness, itchiness, flaking and redness. Moisturizes immediately with long-lasting effects, resulting in a supple, hydrated and flaking-free scalp

Moringa Peptide:
- Protects hair against pollution by reducing the adhesion of exhaust gas, UVB, and dust particles
- Improves hair’s strength and resistance, acts as a photo-protector, conditions and repairs hair

- Stimulates blood flow to the scalp to allow essential nutrients to be delivered directly to the heart of the hair follicle, a critical step in ensuring optimal hair growth

Amino Acid Betaine:
- Essential for maintaining skin’s natural water balance, retaining up to 40% of water
- Provides comfort, reduces irritation and protects the scalp
- Improves softness, flexibility and elasticity in hair

5 Trace Elements Protein Complex:
- Compound of magnesium, iron, zinc, copper and silicon that prevent 5-alpha reductase from converting testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT)
- DHT is the main cause of hair loss
- Provides cells with essential nutrients to ensure strong cell division and optimal hair growth

Cellular Breathing Complex:
- Increases cellular breathing and metabolism, favoring the synthesis of collagen and elastin
- Its action allows optimal cellular respiration of the follicle, leaving it more receptive to nutrients and other active ingredients
- In addition, it contributes to reducing irritation, helping regeneration and reducing discomfort
- It also has a powerful antioxidant action

Pink Berry Biflavonoids:
- These fruits are rich in polyphenols, particularly biflavonoids, with powerful antioxidant and comforting action
- This extract relieves redness and scalp discomfort by reducing oxidative stress
- Clinical studies show that it reduces erythema, pruritus and scaling in volunteers who usually wear a helmet in urban areas or hijab

Fruit Alpha Hydroxy Acids AHA´s:
- Provides antioxidants such as phenols or ferulic acid, fruit acids (AhAs), a source of oligo/polysaccharides and sugars with strong nutritional potential
- All these active molecules extracted from the fruits have a high capacity to protect and nourish the hair, restoring its shine, avoiding the accumulation of lime and salt in it and protecting the color
- They also have a protective effect against hard water
- This complex allows a gentle exfoliation of the scalp without irritation for optimal cleansing and deep detoxification

Natural Tensioactives Derived from Coconut Oil and Apple:
- Ultra-soft, light, respectful with the scalp cleanser that minimizes color loss

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