Body Milk: Lavender & Monoi Tahiti
Body Milk: Lavender & Monoi TahitiBody Milk: Lavender & Monoi Tahiti

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Body Milk: Lavender & Monoi Tahiti

Body Milk: Lavender & Monoi Tahiti

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Lightweight moisturizer for the whole body. Soak in this botanically-crafted milky lotion for deep hydration with a scent reminiscent of tropical holidays. Smell as good as you feel. All-over body milk sinks into your skin, leaving you feeling soft and soothed. Pour it on wherever you need a little extra tlc without fears of irritation or pore clogging. This body milk is meticulously formulated to moisturize deeply in all areas. Featuring scent notes of lavender and monoi tahiti, a warm slightly floral scent reminiscent of warm sun-kissed days. Leaving your skin smelling amazing.

- Cruelty free
- Paraben free
- 99.8% natural
- Synthetic free
- Not tested on animals tested on actors

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