Date Nut Brûlée
Date Nut Brûlée
Date Nut Brûlée
Date Nut BrûléeDate Nut Brûlée
Date Nut BrûléeDate Nut Brûlée
Date Nut BrûléeDate Nut Brûlée

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Date Nut Brûlée

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A decadent 3-in-1 miracle balm that feeds your skin from head to toe. Inspired by an ancient Egyptian super salve, Date Nut Brûlée is like skin food, rich in skin-plumping fatty acids, protective vitamin E and nourishing minerals including calcium, magnesium, iron, copper and zinc. This skin triple threat acts as a luxurious cleanser, mega moisturizer and luscious body balm. From chapped lips to rough elbows, slather this anywhere in need of some TLC. It even gently removes the toughest of waterproof makeup.

- A 3-in-1 miracle melting balm that cleanses, moisturizes and treats.
- The velvety brûlée texture may be reminiscent of a splurge-worthy dessert, but there's plenty of substance in there, too.
- The hero ingredient of this decadent balm is date nut seed oil, which once anointed Egyptian royalty as a nourishing and protective oil.
- Extracted from the dattier du desert tree that grows in harsh climates and unforgiving desert soils, date nut seed oil is robust by nature.
- Today, we source ours from a union of women's groups in West Africa.
- Also loaded with softening olive oil and rejuvenating tamanu oil, Date Nut Brûlée melts into skin, delivering fatty acids, vitamins and minerals for a gorgeous glow and soft suppleness.
- You can even use it as a texturizing and conditioning paste for the ends of your hair.
- It's 100-percent vegan-friendly, too: the balmy texture comes courtesy of sunflower wax.

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