Dog Print Pajamas - Menorah-Blue - Birds-Light-Grey
Dog Print Pajamas - Menorah-Blue
Dog Print Pajamas - Menorah-Blue - Birds-Light-GreyDog Print Pajamas - Menorah-Blue - Birds-Light-Grey
Dog Print Pajamas - Menorah-BlueDog Print Pajamas - Menorah-Blue


Dog Print Pajamas - Menorah-Blue

The Dog Grey Bird Pajamas will be the best fit that your furry companion will have, and is guaranteed to match perfectly with the other family sets! Every product is not only completely made of 100% soft cotton, but has outside labels implemented as well to ensure your pup’s skin remains scratch-free. The design is simple yet stylish, as the black flock of birds on the chest and back complement the overall grey color. Products have four holes for each paw with an elastic waist, and every hole has a loose-fitted design. Machine wash cold inside out, and sizes offered from X-Small to XXX-Large. With every pajama being made of cotton, we recommend choosing a size larger to accommodate the shrinking. Dog Grey Bird Pajamas will give your special pet the greatest night of rest, and matching with the whole family for the holiday or festive season has never been easier!

- Dogs and Cats will love it
- Outside Label to help protect your pets delicate skin
- Matching styles to our men's, women's, children's and baby pajamas
- Four-legged design with elastic waist

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