Sila™ Cruise - Aqua
Sila™ Cruise
Sila™ Cruise
Sila™ Cruise
Sila™ Cruise - AquaSila™ Cruise - Aqua
Sila™ CruiseSila™ Cruise
Sila™ CruiseSila™ Cruise
Sila™ CruiseSila™ Cruise


Sila™ Cruise

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Experience the delights of whole clitoris stimulation through powerful resonating sonic waves. Let yourself slide into an eternal orgasmic spiral with this enhanced massager, whose pulsing mouth reaches all the right places for an orgasm you won’t forget. CruiseControl™ Technology ensures power never lets down your pleasure.

SILA's sonic waves oer a gentle clitoral
stimulation allowing you to enjoy the
intensities as you flow into an orgasmic spiral.

Without making direct contact, SILA's wide
mouth gravitates around the center of your
pleasure for comfort and satisfaction.

Ultra-smooth premium and body-safe
silicone for an ultimate sensual experience
and total peace of mind.

Using the supplied USB charging cable,
SILA can go wherever you go, and the
smooth, waterproof design is incredibly
easy to keep clean.

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Just OK

February 05, 2024

I found some of the modes most of the modes actually to be too harsh. There is another model that I was deciding between this one and that one now I wish I had gotten the other one. In addition, the charger doesn't go all the way in to charge this. So I'm not sure that this charger you sent me fits. Is it possible to return this or exchange it for another one?

Doesn't work well for pre-op trans men on T

January 23, 2024

I bought this since I hoped it would accommodate the moderate bottom growth I've experienced from T. The size of the opening does, but even at full charge and full speed it turns off and on, stuttering really annoyingly. I wish there were a slightly larger version, or else a stronger setting that didn't turn off and on all the time.

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