Pure Canvas Primer Essence
Pure Canvas Primer EssencePure Canvas Primer Essence

Laura Mercier

Pure Canvas Primer Essence

Pure Canvas Primer Essence

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The Supercharged Essence provides the same lightweight and smoothing essence as Laura Mercier’s other best-selling makeup primers, just in a superfine and super-concentrated formula. This unique, transformative, and milky formulation takes this smoothing primer to new heights, delivering a complex that improves your skin’s clarity while prolonging makeup wear. With skin-loving nutrients such as rejuvenating, beauty-boosting peptides, this supercharged makeup primer isn’t just good for your makeup, but good for your skin too. Ground-breaking ingredients such as Marimo Pearl also beautifully reflect the light to give you a radiant luminosity, creating a picture-perfect look from every angle. Along with delivering smoother, firmer, and younger-looking skin, this Supercharged Essence uses concentrated skincare technology to visibly promote skin vitality both instantly and over time, leaving your skin more resilient than before.

- Lightweight, soothing feel: 100% of consumers agreed this primer has a lightweight feel on the skin while 82% said their skin felt soothed
- Improves skin’s clarity: 76% of users said this primer improved the clarity of skin
- Decreases the look of wrinkles: 70% of consumers said this primer decreased the look of wrinkles and fine line

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Product 5 stars ✨✨✨✨✨bottle it comes in zero stars

October 09, 2023

shipping takes to long to get delivered!!


October 07, 2023

I absolutely love. This primer is the best. It goes on silky smooth, dries fast, leaving the best canvas that makes any makeup look perfect. The only negative is the glass bottle that it comes in. The formula is just thick enough to make it hard to get the dropper to work. Wish their was a better delivery system.

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