Vitamin C  Brightening Set
Vitamin C  Brightening SetVitamin C  Brightening Set

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Vitamin C Brightening Set

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- Vitamin C Brightening Set is designed to enhance, enrich, balance and boost your skin. - The vitamin C brightening serum is the Boosting base for the vitamin C brightening cream and vitamin c brightening night cream, resulting in better skin balance and even skin tones. - Increases collagen production while reducing signs of aging, sun damage and skin discoloration. - In addition, Using once or twice a week this vitamin C brightening mask will further promote skin balance and deliver nutrients to the skin, improving multi-vitamins, skin regeneration and boosting antioxidants.

- Diminishes the appearance of discoloration
- Balances and evens skin tone
- Boosts skin's radiance
- Repairs and brightens sun damage
- Improve skin regeneration
- Reduces signs of ageing
- Increase collagen production

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