Ziggy Cup™ 2 - Size A - Light Pink
Ziggy Cup™ 2
Ziggy Cup™ 2 - Size A - Light PinkZiggy Cup™ 2 - Size A - Light Pink
Ziggy Cup™ 2Ziggy Cup™ 2


Ziggy Cup™ 2

Size A
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Made to Protect, Worn to be Free Feel fearless during your period with Ziggy Cup™ 2 - the next generation flat-fit menstrual cup. Reinforced, flexible petal-thin body is easy to insert and conforms to the shape of your body so you can’t feel it at all. Ultimate confidence in any situation with a leak-proof double rim, and ribbed tab to allow slip-free removal. Ziggy Cup™ 2 is made entirely of 100% medical-grade silicone which makes it completely body-safe. It’s an eco-friendly period solution you can use over and over again for up to two years. This cup offers up to 8 hours of non-stop period protection. Because of the way it rests below the cervix, it catches your flow entirely so you can even enjoy mess-free sex, whenever you want.

• Flat-fit design for absolute comfort & mess-free sex
• 100% medical grade silicone
• Only reusable cup you can use during sex
• Leak-proof double rim
• Ribbed tab for slip-free removal

• Up to 8 hours non-stop protection
• Collects flow rather than absorbing it
• Reusable & eco-friendly
• Healthy for your body: no odors, dryness, or irritation
• Covers light to heavy flow

• 1 Ziggy Cup™ 2
• Storage pouch
• User manual

Size A - Capacity:
50 ml / 1.69 . oz.
• I have a low cervix
• I have light to medium flow

Size B
Capacity: 76 ml / 2.5 . oz.
• I have a high cervix
• I have light to heavy flow

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