La Mar Perfume
La Mar Perfume
La Mar PerfumeLa Mar Perfume
La Mar PerfumeLa Mar Perfume

House of Bo

La Mar Perfume

La Mar Perfume

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La mar's captivating and sultry white floral essence with seawater notes will transport you to a majestic and untouched secrete destination in mexico’s riviera. La mar is a bōllaboration with world-renowned perfumer rodrigo flores-roux. "Imagine the smell of your skin after emerging from the sea with an exquisite and luxurious floral perfume." The inspiration behind la mar was to recreate the smell of skin after jumping in the ocean wearing a luxurious perfume. House of bō fragrances are created with the highest quality of raw, natural, and sustainably sourced ingredients. The essences in bōllaborations adhere to stringent guidelines for human integrity and environmental preservation. This cleanly formulated scents are a blend of natural essences combined with the innovation of green science to create sophisticated perfumes.

- Top Notes: Arabian jasmine, pink pepper, seawater
- Heart Notes: Gardenia mexicana, indian tuberose, shimoga ginger
- Base Notes: Coconut, almond milk, sambrani tears
- Olfactory Family: Floral, marine
- Each Bō perfume is hand made and hand-assembled, allowing limited production runs
- Gender-neutral for all human beings
- Vegan, cruelty-free
- Natural & skin-safe aroma molecules
- Contains organic ingredients
- Sustainably & ethically sourced
- No artificial colorants
- La mar eau de parfum contains over 90% natural ingredients derived from natural molecules
- Orpur® meaning "pure gold" in french, orpur is a qualification awarded by our perfumers to the most exclusive, finest qualities of natural materials. The highest standards to inspire endless creativity
- SSV sourcing for shared value (natural ingredients)
- Responsible Sourcing: Working with suppliers who respect both people and the environment
- House of bō's eau de parfums unfold with high concentrations of noble raw ingredients that can be layered and combined to create a unique personalized fragrance
- Each scent can be magnified, muted or fused with other fragrances from the haute perfumery collection to create one of a kind sillage

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