Advanced Face Oil
Advanced Face OilAdvanced Face Oil


Advanced Face Oil

Advanced Face Oil

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A versatile facial oil that revitalizes, regenerates, and repairs the face with an exotic blend of natural plant oils, all rich in nutritious lipids. Featuring antiviral, holistic healer sea buckthorn oil. This formula helps prevent acne and blemishes, promotes wound healing, soothes rashes and redness, boosts hydration, and improves skin elasticity. This advanced formulation uses a unique blend of exotic plant oils, all rich in nutritious lipids. Sea Buckthorn Oil, a holistic healer naturally high in Vitamin A, has a been used by ancient cultures for 1300 years to repair and plump up the skin. Grape Seed Oil helps retain moisture. Flax Seed Oil is packed with omega-3 fatty acids that improve skin elasticity, texture, and repair cells. Argan oil smoothes and softens dry patches, thanks to high concentrations of linoleum and omega fatty acids. Squalene hydrates skin and locks in moisture. Irish Seaweed Extract helps to heal acne, rosacea, and soothe sensitive, irritated, and dry skin.

- Naturally rich lipids replenish skin’s hydration and moisture
- Combats acne, blemishes, and breakouts
- Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with Vitamin C and retinol
- Soothes redness, irritation, and rashes
- Heals wounds quickly, great for post micro needling or injectable procedures
- Packed with antioxidants, and natural antiviral, anti-inflammatory agents
- Perfect for all ages and skin types

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