Body Wash - Australian Buddhawood
Body Wash
Body Wash - Australian BuddhawoodBody Wash - Australian Buddhawood
Body WashBody Wash

Heales Apothecary

Body Wash


A cult-favourite from day one, this is the best body wash you’ll ever try, period. Our Castile-based formula is thick enough to shave with and feels silky instead of watery. Leaves skin feeling soft, polished and subtly fragranced. Australian Botanical Hero (Buddha Wood): Buddha wood essential oil is prized by Indigenous Australians for its anti-bacterial, and sedative properties. The woodsy, earthy scent is famously calming and grounding. A unisex scent that smells sexy on everyone.

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Heales Apothecary sits at the intersection of botanical science, skincare, and wellness. Indigenous Australians have understood the healing properties of these potent plants for millennia, but very little is known about them in the Northern Hemisphere. This is natural and accessible skincare, powered by native plants, with performance that rivals their synthetic counterparts. Healthy Skin is the Best Makeup.

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