3 Pc Set Of Travel Straw & Brush - Purple
3 Pc Set Of Travel Straw & Brush
3 Pc Set Of Travel Straw & Brush - Purple3 Pc Set Of Travel Straw & Brush - Purple
3 Pc Set Of Travel Straw & Brush3 Pc Set Of Travel Straw & Brush

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3 Pc Set Of Travel Straw & Brush

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100% safe and reusable: All silicone straws are made from bpa-free, fda approved pp silicone. After using and reusing this environmentally friendly straw set, you won’t have to use disposable plastic straws or soggy paper straws To go design: This soft and flexible straws fold over to fit in its carrying case so you can keep your silicon straw clean while not in use and easily transport from drink to drink. So simple to keep clean: Reusable design that is easy to clean! Straws and lids are dishwasher safe or can be cleaned with just warm soapy water. Wash before each use. cleaning brush included. Top tip: Sugars in drinks can cause staining, tooth erosion and decay. Drinking with a straw can help to reduce this damage. It can also help to reduce the staining effect of hot drinks like tea and coffee. Great size: Each straw measures in at 7.8 in. long. Perfect size for any kind of drink from milkshakes, smoothies to coffee and tea. Perfect for any age from young children to the elderly. Best gift: These collapsible straws store in a handy clear case convenient for carrying and storage.

- Soft and flexible
- 100% safe and reusable

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