WG Body Shaper (Black XXXXL) GPCT1235 - Black - Black
WG Body Shaper (Black XXXXL) GPCT1235 - Black - BlackWG Body Shaper (Black XXXXL) GPCT1235 - Black - Black

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WG Body Shaper (Black XXXXL) GPCT1235 - Black

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This sweat vest is made of polyester fiber which preserves body heat and thick enough. If put it on when exercising, it will make you sweat more than regular, it feels like your upper body inside the Sauna, so that to help in burning tummy fat, reducing your abdomen and waistline to approach to your fitness goals further while running, doing fitness, yoga and other workouts, at home or any physical activity gym. If you want to look slimmer, try this belt! This vest is also good for be worn every day under cloths to flatten the belly, tummy and back fat and support chest and lumbar to straighten the posture and look slim. If you want to have a better posture, try this vest.

- More sweat than regular during cardio workout as if upper body did the workout inside the sauna
- Accelerates the slimming plan by helping to burn the fat of your belly, back, tummy during exercise
- Much tight, trim and charming figure through getting bulges, bumps and rolls hidden
- Stretchy and sturdy fabric material gives upper body comfortable compression
- Exercise sweat suit top tank design perfectly goes with everything
- Great addition to your fitness routine
- Fits you all, 8 sizes for options

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