Crystal Body Oil Trio
Crystal Body Oil Trio
Crystal Body Oil TrioCrystal Body Oil Trio
Crystal Body Oil TrioCrystal Body Oil Trio


Crystal Body Oil Trio

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3 X 100 ml - 3.8 fl. oz.

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Take advantage of this great offer and treat your body and soul to all three of our amazing organic, crystal-infused body oils. 100% natural and 100% amazing, these oils will pamper your skin and bring your chakras into alignment! This trio includes full-size bottles of all three of our organic body oils. -Purifying Amber Jojoba Body Oil, scented with accents of fig and sandalwood, will generate positive energy. -Fresh scents of ylang ylang and white flowers accompany aventurine in our Aventurine Avocado Body Oil to strengthen your heart chakra. -Tiger Eye Macadamia Body Oil, lightly scented with plum, pear, and praline, will protect you from negative energies.

- Real Crystals in Every Bottle
- For Daily Use for Body & Hair
- For All Skin Types
- For Sensual Massage
- Light and Easily Absorbed
- 100% Natural 
- 93% Organic
- Vegan
- Paraben Free
- GMO Free
- Convenient Spill-Proof Bottle

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