Face Brush Set
Face Brush SetFace Brush Set


Face Brush Set

Face Brush Set

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The doucce face set offers everything you need to set your face in a flash. The tapered powder brush, the stippling brush and the blush brush are all you need to cover, blend, contour and highlight like a pro. the density of each brush allows for seamless application and was built to give you a filter-free, flawless complexion. All doucce brushes are 100% vegan and made to stand out amongst the crowd on the signature doucce magnetic base. Don’t be fooled by these fluffy and airy brushes. While they are ideal for long strokes and light application, they can also pack a punch. Get more intense color by gripping the brush lower on the bristles. This compacts the brush and gives it a close packed, dense effect. By applying powder with this type of brush grip, you can create a heavier base for longer wear and apply brighter colors for added impact.

- Cruelty free
- Vegan

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