Acne Facial Moisturizer & Acne Treatment Pads
Acne Facial Moisturizer & Acne Treatment PadsAcne Facial Moisturizer & Acne Treatment Pads


Acne Facial Moisturizer & Acne Treatment Pads


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Clinically tested acne treatment with patented combination of SE Microbiome Complex® and salicylic acid. It reduces the number, size and severity of acne lesions and inflammation associated with acne without causing side effects like skin reddening, over-drying, extensive peeling, and itching. Registered as an over-the-counter (OTC) drug for the treatment of acne with the FDA. And meet OAT So Sweet, our soothing new moisturizer designed for daily use and built to calm and heal acne-prone skin. Nourish your skin with our proprietary SE Microbiome Complex® and SE Sugar Complex™. Hellooo, hydration! - Lightweight and fast-absorbing - Leaves skin feeling calm, nourished, and protected - Improves skin tone and texture - Brightens dark spots from past blemishes - Locks in hydration and strengthens the skin barrier - Non-comedogenic and non-clogging (say hey, happy pores!) - Great for all skin types

Oat So Sweet Moisturizer: This soothing moisturizer is formulated with prebiotics and postbiotics to balance and restore your microbiome. Its unique combination of ingredients was specifically formulated to help calm, restore, and heal acne-prone skin. OAT So Sweet daily moisturizer will pamper and moisturize any skin type, reducing redness, hydrating, and protecting the skin.

Acne Treatment Pads: Topical. Leave-on. FDA-approved for acne treatment. Each pad is infused with a proprietary combination of our patented SE Microbiome Complex®, salicylic acid, and Aloe vera. The SE Microbiome Complex® is a unique blend of S. epidermidis prebiotics and postbiotics. That’s what kills C. acnes, the acne-causing bacteria while nourishing acne-fighting bacteria. The result is a balanced microbiome that delivers long-lasting effect. The salicylic acid dissolves dead skin cells, which opens clogged pores. Aloe vera soothes the skin and reduces inflammation. Pimples heal faster with less redness, pain, hyper-pigmentation (dark spots), and scarring. The result clear, healthy, beautiful skin.

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